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Trusts can arise in a number of circumstances, for example as part of tax planning during your lifetime or under the terms of a Will.

Trust law is complicated and the personal responsibilities on Trustees are incredibly important. If you are or may be acting as a Trustee then you have control of money or property for and on behalf of someone else.

There are a number of types of Trusts each with their own set of rules.


As a Trustee you are obliged to understand your role and responsibilities and to act in a certain manner throughout the lifetime of the Trust.

We offer a comprehensive service to Trustees which includes:

  • Advice relating to your role and responsibilities in general, both before and after your appointment as Trustee

  • Advice about specific decisions you are faced with, for example investments or distributions

  • Advice about the tax position of the Trust

  • Retirement and replacement of Trustees

  • Drafting paperwork for distributions to beneficiaries

  • Preparation of annual Trust Accounts

  • Preparation of annual Trust Tax Returns


We also act for beneficiaries of Trusts offering advice on what they are entitled to, when and what to do if they disagree with a Trustees behaviour.

Our initial appointment with you is free and our costs will be fixed where this is possible.

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